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Friday September 28


hosted by: Cristian Paduraru (resident)
Type House
Time 12:00 (1 hr)

ETN Fridays

hosted by: MISHAlekseev (resident)
Type House
Time 14:00 (1 hr)

Entrance to Soul

hosted by: 9Axis (resident)
Type Trance
Time 14:00 (3 hrs)

Faciendo Radio

hosted by: Desyn Masiello (resident)
Type House
Time 15:00 (1 hr)


hosted by: Merlyn Martin (resident)
Type House
Time 16:00 (2 hrs)

Universal Translations

hosted by: Adam Polson (resident)
Type Trance
Time 17:00 (1 hr)

Trance Paradise

hosted by: Euphoric Nation (resident)
Type Trance
Time 18:00 (1 hr)

The Witching Hour

hosted by: JadeAstaria (resident)
Type Trance
Time 21:00 (1 hr)